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Your local artisan bakery


Bakehouse is an artisan bakery & café born in Hong Kong. We craft artisanal baked goods in house, for you. Our selection of products are ever-changing, in harmony with Chef Grégoire Michaud’s inspiration and seasonal products’ availability.

We create naturally leavened sourdough breads, danish and fine pastries using time-honoured artisanal traditions and methods.

All our baked goods are handmade every day with fine flour from the traditional Suire Mill in France and the best premium and seasonal ingredients, by a team of passionate and highly skilled bakers and pastry chefs led by Grégoire.



Our sourdough bread

When it comes to our breads, there is no substitute for time and patience. From mixing the dough to baking in our stone-deck oven, it takes 48 hours to craft each one of our loaves. Our long, slow fermentation process and a high hydration level give our bread its distinctive flavour and bold character.

Each of our loaves is crafted by hand with love, soul and hard work. We care about what we put on your dining table, and that's why our breads are made simply with the finest flour, sea salt, water and the best natural ingredients.



Our pastries

Our pastry chefs take great pride in crafting each of our pastries for you to enjoy.  

Viennoiseries such as pain au chocolat and croissants start coming out of the oven at 8am. Sweet pastries are available from around 11am.

For afternoon tea, freshly made scones and tarts are available.



Our savouries

We love all things baked, so we also have a selection of daily savoury tarts and pastries coming fresh out of the oven all day long.

We have chosen a selection of our favourites that we think you will love.